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Half/ Whole Cow- (Deposit= $250.00)

Half/ Whole Cow- (Deposit= $250.00)

Reserve your half or whole cow beef option now from our herd of grassfed & grass finished cows. Our cattle are not fed any grain. 

*Limited spots available

*Processing in October 2024


What is the approximate cost of a cow?

The final price of the cow is based off of the hang weight (so each cow is individually priced), there is a $100 ***processing fee to the butcher and $0.89/ lb for packaging (processing not included in payment to farm- butcher fees paid separately to Copey's Butcher Shop). The typical hang weight is 450- 700 lbs.  We charge $4.75/ lb. of the hanging weight. This weight is with only the bones, fat, connective tissue and edible meat remaining. Each cow is priced individually; it is estimated a WHOLE cow cost excluding processing fees ranges between approximately $2,100- $3,300 plus ***processing.  (**cost updated based on market value and local grassfed/ grass finished farms). Your deposit of $250.00 goes towards your final payment. 


How do I reserve my cow?

The $250.00 payment is to hold your cow until it's processing date while we finish caring for them throughout the spring, summer & fall months. Please specify if you would like a whole or half cow in the comment box- ***this is very important.  If you are splitting a cow with another friend/ family member (half cow) we ask that each of you log in separately and put down $250.00 to hold your side. This can be done by each of you individually paying this fee and specify in the "custom text box" who you are splitting your cow with so we can assign you the same cow/ processing date.


What if I want a half cow but don't have another person to split it with?

 Not to worry! If you do not have another person you are splitting a cow with- we will pair you with someone else (cuts chosen are individual and not based on your pairing***). 


After I put down the intial deposit, what comes next?

Once we receive the down payment we will email / contact you with further instructions on the pick up date and butcher information. Copey's Butcher Shop is dedicated to assisting you with picking out your cut instructions and you won't complete your cut sheet until after drop off. Once your cow is dropped off on your designated processing date, we will get your final hang weight and your payment to the farm is due at that time. Copey's Butcher Shop will then reach out to you via phone and they will walk you through your cut instructions where you will choose what cuts of meat and packaging that you want. Copey's will finalize the remainder of your processing order and provide you with a date to pick up your final order. We suggest that you have a few large coolers on hand at your pick up.


Who is your butcher?

This year we are processing at Copey's Butcher Shop Located in Medway, OH. 


10988 Gerlaugh Road

Medway, OHIO 45344

Phone #: (937)849-1338


How long after the cow is processed can I pick up my meat?

Copey's Butcher Shop hangs the meat to cure for approximately 14 days prior to processing and is ready for pick up approximately 3-4 weeks after initial delivery. They will contact you when your meat is ready for pick up. 


If you are considering purchasing a cow but still have questions- don't hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page prior to reserving! You may also call Justin at 513-600-1964. We want to make sure all of your questions are answered. 


    Our cows are raised humanely with best practices on our farm in Morrow, Ohio. They are strictly grassfed/ grass finished, never fed any grain. We do not use any hormones, antibiotics or vaccines and are very passionate about providing a nutritious diet and clean environment for them to thrive. 

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